Reminder - Check Telegram

We post regular updates on our Telegram Channel. To join, read here:

Again, we ask that you read there before submitting tickets. 

14th Mar 2020

Please follow our telegram group for real-time updates. It is helpful to us if you check there before submitting tickets. We do our best to post system issues there. Every email our system sends out has the link and it is also available in the knowledgenase. Thank you.

14th Oct 2019

3rd Oct 2019

read the announcements from the past few days and follow the telegram group (link is in the knowledgebase). We are providing updates as we have information. Time spent answering tickets is time we are unable to focus on resolving any issues. Thank you very much. The latest Classic update is located here ... Read More »

25th Sep 2019
Saturday PM Update - All Servers

21st Sep 2019
Saturday AM Hydr0 Update

21st Sep 2019
Stick of Dynamite

Please note that, for those of you left on this server, Stick of Dynamite is the same situation as Hydr0. We will post any new information as we have it. Thank you.

20th Sep 2019