Update for Stick Classic Clients


Please read. We will post more updates as we have them. Thank you!

18th Sep 2019
Urgent Message - Hydr0 Servers


Please read - we will post more updates as we have them. Thank you!

18th Sep 2019
Coming Soon - Stick Elite

New premium server package will be debuting soon - https://portal.stick-services.com/knowledgebase/146/Stick-Elite.html

Spots will be limited as the server ramps up.

16th Sep 2019
SOD Server

Hi, all - We will be retiring the Stick of Dynamite Server. Any multi-month subscriptions will continue to be honored until expiration. Stick Classic and Hydr0 are going to remain our offerings and we are working on plans for a third offering. Thank you!

3rd Sep 2019
New Server Available

We are excited to offer up a new server option for our loyal clients - Please see https://portal.stick-services.com/knowledgebase/140/Hydr0.html for more information. Thank you!

26th Jul 2019
UK Clients

Please ensure you are using a VPN if you are having service issues.

9th Feb 2019

Our normal operating hours are 7AM - 8PM CST Chicago, USA Time. Tickets and orders submitted outside of these times will be addressed as soon as possible during these times. Weekend responses and account setups could take longer.  Account setups are usually quick (within a couple of hours) but please wait at least 24 hours before you follow up ... Read More »

7th Jan 2019
Happy Holidays!

Just want to thank all of you during this holiday season. May you wrap up 2018 with good cheer and nothing but the best for 2019!

Turnaround time may be a bit higher tonight into Christmas but we will not leave you hanging!

Again, thank you all and we look forward to big things in 2019!

24th Dec 2018
URGENT: Stick of Dynamite Subscribers

If you are having an issue with channels, please submit a ticket HERE! Please DO NOT submit elsehwere (Discord, etc.). We are not currently on Discord and do not offer support there. Nobody else on Discord offers support for your subscription either. Subscriptions will not be renewed if this protocol is not followed. Thank you.

14th Nov 2018