All updates are placed on our telegram group. Opening a ticket while the information is out there is of no help to anybody. 

If into is posted on telegram, tickets will be deleted without a response. Thank you. 

9th May 2020
One Day Only - Stick Classic

We are offering 12 months of Stick Classic for $100.00, 2 connections Valid on new subscriptions or if you want to extend a current subscription by a year.


22nd Apr 2020
Hydro - 1 Year Sale

For a limited time we are offering a year of Hydr0 for $65. Valid for new subscriptions and extensions. If you want to extend a current subscription, please submit a ticket. New purchases can be made here -

Be well. 


18th Apr 2020
Vhosting - 1 Year Sale

We are offering a year of VHosting for $60 (comes to $5 per month). Only while supplies last. We can extend any monthly subscriptions with the sale. 



16th Apr 2020
Reminder - Check Telegram

We post regular updates on our Telegram Channel. To join, read here:

Again, we ask that you read there before submitting tickets. 

14th Mar 2020

Please follow our telegram group for real-time updates. It is helpful to us if you check there before submitting tickets. We do our best to post system issues there. Every email our system sends out has the link and it is also available in the knowledgenase. Thank you.

14th Oct 2019

3rd Oct 2019